BREAKING THROUGH is a free series to assist your Human Evolution. You are invited to watch the video below, and then sign up for instant free access to the full six-week program to RESET for a new Beginning.


BREAKING THROUGH: Activate your visionary capacity and more of your true, innate human potential.

Through a spiritually guided six-week process of transformation you will be  prepared physically, emotionally and energetically to write a new chapter for your life story and adapt to earth changes with strength and resilience.

BREAKING THROUGH came into being during level four COVID 19 lockdown in New Zealand.  I was guided to do something to help people everywhere go through an inner consciousness RESET and to support us all to understand the bigger picture of what is really happening to us and why. 

These sessions are FREE.  They are a gift to everyone who needs support at this time of global RESET.  My work with Spirit is not associated with any spiritual dogma or doctrine.  This is ENERGY SUPPORT and grounded information to help everyone feel safe and nurtured as we all move through challenge and change.

 Each weekly episode features a teaching session and 'ultralight' energy transmissions to spark transformation in your life.

Ep1: Self-Revelation

Who are you REALLY? Remember your authentic soul and human truth in step one of a six part BREAKING THROUGH series.

Ep2: Seeding Change

Transform into a stronger, resilient human being, so we can begin to co-create together with greater insight and inspiration.

Ep3: Enlightenment

Powerful energy transmissions to uplift and expand consciousness to allow you to move through the alchemy of transformation. 

Ep4: Alchemy

A process of recalibration and inner change. A time to be still and to BE ... to trust the process and take heart.  Open your heart and rejoice.

Ep5: Metamorphosis

Explore what might be possible for you in your new expanded world. Be energetically empowered to step forward on a path of purpose and DO IT! 

Ep6: Expanded Vision

Inspiration, excitement and passion for new possibilities of creation. Create not from force of will, but the grace of just BEING AS YOU ARE.

Become more of who you’ve always wanted to be and who you know you REALLY ARE deep inside yourself.

BREAK FREE from fear and self-sabotage. To understand the BIGGER PICTURE OF LIFE.

TRANSFORM with leading-edge, divinely designed energy alchemy. PREPARE YOURSELF for a new beginning after COVID.

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